Here is the deal with this calculator. I used a calculator builder called It allowed me to put this together in a relatively short time, which is awesome. It is free up to 500 impressions(page loads) per month, after that it is $9-10 a month. I am not making money off of this caculator, nor do I want to. So I plan to stick with the free version. I just built it, so I am not sure how it will work when the max is reached. I am providing a link to a copy of a google sheet with the same calculator that you can use all you want.

Google Sheet Copy - this will require a google account to use, its free.


  • $585

    San Mai steel with G10 scales and natural Westinghouse liners.
    Overall Length: 9 x $55 = $495
    Finger hole: $35
    Hybrid sheath: $55

  • $620

    Damascus steel, spalted oak burl and hybrid leather sheath.
    Overall Length: 8 x $65 = $520
    Spalted Oak Burl Scales: $45
    Hybrid Sheath: $55

  • $410

    Parkerized 80crV2 steel, OD green canvas micarta scales, G10 liners and hybrid Sheath
    Overall Length: 9 x $40 = $360
    Hybrid Sheath: 55